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Ben Carson’s ‘Morning Joe’ Appearance Enrages Joe Scarborough (Video)

Scarborough interrupts the Donald Trump supporter by quoting ”Tropic Thunder’s“ famous Robert Downey Jr. line: ”Stop saying ‘you people'“

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” co-host Joe Scarborough and Ben Carson got into a heated argument on Friday morning, with Scarborough taking offense at Carson referring to him as “you people in the media.”

Scarborough interrupted Carson, “Stop saying ‘you people,’ Stop saying ‘you people,’ you know what … stop being ‘you people.’ Why can’t you just give a straight answer?” he demanded.

The exchange was reminiscent of the famous scene from “Tropic Thunder” in which Robert Downey Jr.‘s character was offended by Ben Stiller‘s use of the term “you people.”

Meanwhile, Carson has been doing the rounds defending Donald Trump against recent claims of sexual harassment on a variety of cable news shows. The former presidential candidate feels that the allegations are no big deal compared to the impending end of America.

Before nations topple, they “take their eye off the ball, start engaging in things that really don’t matter that much — not that sexual language and abuse is not important, but when you’re talking about the train going off the cliff you really need to deal with that first,” Carson said on “Morning Joe.”

At one point on “Morning Joe,” Carson even tried to cut another guest’s mic.

“Are you saying that these women are lying?” BBC News reporter Katty Kay, who also was on the MSNBC show Friday, asked Carson.

“Hey can you turn her microphone off please? Turn her microphone off so I can talk,” Carson responded.

Check out the video above.