Ben McKenzie Explores the Origins of Batman’s Villains in ‘Gotham’ Teaser (Video)

Fox drama asks how a girl, a low-level thug, and a business woman become notorious criminals

Gotham City is the reason there is a Batman. But what is Batman without his colorful collection of villains? And they are every bit the product of the city as Bruce Wayne’s alter ego.

In the latest trailer for Fox’s highly anticipated “Gotham,” which takes a look back at the city before it created the Caped Crusader and the costumed misfits he battles every month in various DC Comics series, a spotlight is turned on three of those who would become arch-nemeses of the Bat.

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Series star Ben McKenzie, who portrays future-commissioner James Gordon, narrates. He asks how nondescript people like a young girl, a low-level thug, and a businesswoman can rise to become notorious criminals?

“Simple answer. They all got their start in this city,” he says. “And it’s up to us to stop them.”

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Unfortunately, as we all know that young Bruce Wayne grows up to be the Batman and still has to face the likes of Catwoman and The Penguin, it’s not looking like the tough men and women of the GCPD prove up to the task.