Ex-Disney Exec Ben Sherwood Finds His Mojo With New App to Reinvent Youth Sports Coaching

Mojo aims to be the digital ”one-stop coach-in-the-box“ for millions of kids and families who play youth sports

After stepping down as the co-chair of Disney Media Networks last year, Ben Sherwood wasn’t hurting for opportunities in Hollywood. But the longtime executive decided to tackle a project near and dear to his heart: coaching youth sports — with a tech and entertainment twist.

That’s how Mojo, his new startup, was born in October 2019. Set to launch early next year, the Mojo app aims to become the mobile “one-stop coach-in-a-box” for millions of kids and families involved in youth sports. Mojo plans to host a number of high-quality lessons across several sports and age ranges, so that if you’re looking to teach your 8-year-old some basketball skills, and also help your 14-year-old make her high school hoops team, both can receive age-appropriate lessons.

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Sean Burch

Tech reporter • sean.burch@thewrap.com • @SeanB44