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‘Bering Sea Gold': Kris Kelly’s Rookie Freaks the Hell Out on Her Maiden Dive (Exclusive Video)

”Pull me up! Pull me up! Fast!“

The Fightin’ Kellys have a new rookie diver but the latest “Bering Sea Gold” relationship may already be swimming with the fishes.

On Friday’s episode, Kris Kelly sends diver Bree Savage down into the drink. It’s not a very lengthy maiden dive but heavy breathing (and possibly something else?) gets the best of her. The Kellys probably didn’t have to break out the pan for this one.

In the above preview clip, shortly after diving down, Bree screams, “Pull me up! Pull me up! Fast!” And then there are a bunch of indecipherable panic noises.

It appears she makes it to the service, before sinking back down. Bree, we wish you the best.

Watch the video above.

Here is the episode description: As the miners look to find more valuable ground, Shawn must fight the sea’s shifting tide, Ken strains his excavator arm when digging hard cobble, Kris tries his chances with a rookie diver, and new diver Brian saves Vernon’s day. After being assured by rookie diver Bree Savage that she is ready to dive, the Kellys head to Fort Davis in hopes of finding new paystreaks. Despite Andy and Brad’s skepticism with Bree, Kris tries to remain optimistic.

“Bering Sea Gold” airs Fridays at 8/7c on Discovery Channel.