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‘Mr. Gold’ Becomes Mr. Cold as ‘Bering Sea Gold’ Winter Season Kicks Off (Exclusive Video)

Do break the ice, and then mine it

Caught in a summer heatwave? Let “Bering Sea Gold’s” winter mining season cool you off. (More like Brr-ing Sea Gold, are we right?)

TheWrap’s got your first look at the freezing-cold water stuff, which starts Friday on the Discovery Channel with “Mr. Gold” Shawn Pomrenke cutting through the ice and diving for bling.

It’s -2 degrees Fahrenheit on Pomrenke’s claim. If that doesn’t send a shiver up your spine, our sneak peek teaser will.

“Once you go under that sheet of ice, there’s no margin for error. You know that water’s under 28 degrees,” Pomrenke says in the clip. “One small mistake could cost you your life. You’re truly on your own. Your life’s in your own hands. The doubt creeps in: Do I have what it takes? Should I be doing this?”

We can answer that for you, Shawn: Probably not.

“But, of course I’m gonna do it,” he continues. “I’m ‘Mr. Gold.’ I’m gonna show everybody why they call me that.”

Watch the video above.

Here is the episode’s description: Winter has come — along with the thinnest, most unpredictable ice in decades. After three years, Shawn returns to diving under the ice in pursuit of the Tomcod claim. Kris tries to set up and mine in one day. Emily’s dependable Claim 14 shocks her.

New episodes of “Bering Sea Gold” air Friday at 8/7c on Discovery.