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Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton Bad Blood Turns Toxic Over Sandy Hook

After surviving family member demands Sanders apologize to shooting victims, Sanders suggests Clinton apologize to Iraq War vets

CBS correspondent Nancy Cordes may have exposed just how bitter things have gotten between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Following Clinton’s criticisms of Sanders’ comments regarding the 2012 Newtown elementary school shooting, Cordes tweeted on Wednesday, “Asked @BernieSanders abt calls for him to apologize to Sandy Hook victims. He said maybe @HillaryClinton shld apologize to Iraq War victims.”

It seems Cordes hit a nerve, because Sanders went off on a “fiery” rant, which Cordes happily tweeted out to her followers.

According to Cordes, Sanders offered a few more apology recipients for Clinton, like those who lost their jobs “due to trade deals she supported.”

Clinton’s comments came in response to a Sanders interview with the New York Daily News last week, which landed the Vermont senator in hot water.

When asked if victims of a gun crime should be able to sue the manufacturer, Sanders said, “No, I don’t.”

Cordes, a veteran reporter, seized the moment, asking Sanders if he thought his plans to break up big banks lacked detail.

As TheWrap previously reported, Sanders has gotten flayed for his less than substantive answers during the Daily News interview, specifically about how he would keep banks from becoming too big to fail, a central theme of his campaign.

Sanders apparently disagrees, telling Cordes, “That’s not true … we are very clear about what we want to do,” adding, “which is what Sec Clinton does not want to do. Maybe that has something to do w/the fact that she’s gotten $15m fm a WS super pac.”

Read the tweets below: