Here Are All the Bernie Sanders Inauguration Memes You Need

The senator and his cozy winter ensemble stole the show at Biden’s inauguration

Yes, Bernie Sanders Is Once Again Wearing That Coat From the 'I Am Once Again Asking' Meme
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Bernie Sanders has once again stolen the internet’s heart — this time by wearing the coat from the “I am once again asking” meme at President Joe Biden’s inauguration. And even now, an entire day later, the photo of the Vermont U.S. senator in his adorable woolen mittens seems to have awakened an insatiable hunger for more Bernie memes.

While some viewers admired Lady Gaga’s “Hunger Games”-style outfit or Michelle Obama’s gorgeous plum-colored ensemble, Sanders became the Twitter darling of the moment after a sweet, curmudgeonly photo of him at Capitol Hill began circulating on Wednesday.

The photo in question shows Sanders sitting in a folding chair, arms crossed and socially distanced from those around him. His expression, though mostly concealed behind his standard-issue surgical mask, is resolute in its Bernie-ness.

Knowing Sanders’ utilitarian approach to clothing, it makes perfect sense that he would wear the same jacket to the inauguration that he wore in the now-famous video of him on the campaign trail “once again asking” for donations from supporters.

His very cozy-looking beige mittens also drew the internet’s attention, and Buzzfeed News reporter Ruby Cramer even identified the Vermont woman who makes them and gifted them to Sanders years ago.

“Bernie’s mittens are made by Jen Ellis, a teacher from Essex Junction, Vt. She gave them to him 2+ years ago and was surprised when he began wearing them on the campaign trail,” Cramer tweeted. “They are made from repurposed wool sweaters and lined with fleece made from recycled plastic bottles.”

How eco-friendly and weather-appropriate!

“Everyone else: wearing giant, dressy black and grey coats. Bernie: This is my good jacket, and it keeps me warm. I’m wearing it,” wrote one user. 

Oh, and as for Bernie himself? He’s just glad that the memes “makes people aware that we make good mittens in Vermont,” he told CNN reporter Ali Zaslav.

He added: “We have some good coats as well.”

Cue an endless scroll of Bernie memes: We’ve gathered a whole truckload of them for you below.



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