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Bernie Sanders Supporters’ ‘Fart-In’ Gains Steam After Hillary Clinton Endorsement

Organizers plan to fill pro-Bernie delegates with beans and raise a big stink at the Democratic National Convention

Bernie Sanders supporters still plan to raise a big stink at the Democratic National Convention, despite their man’s endorsement of Hillary Clinton on Tuesday.

A planned “fart-in” at the convention next month will go on as scheduled and will perhaps gain momentum following the endorsement, according to one of the protest’s proponents.

“Those beans will probably quadruple,” Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign national coordinator Cheri Honkala said, referring to the beans that are being sent to the organization’s office in downtown Philadelphia, according to U.S. News & World Report.

The goal is to load up DNC delegates who support Sanders with beans at a “Clintonville” camp in north Philly, then send them into the Philadelphia convention center in a mass act of organized cropdusting-as-protest.

Noting Sanders supporters’ dissatisfaction with the two major party candidates, Honkala said, “[The candidates] do not represent the American people. It’s like they’re reality-show characters, two villains who can’t be trusted.”

On Tuesday, Sanders threw his support behind Clinton in the presidential race, vowing, “Together we will continue to fight for a government that represents all of us and not just the one percent … I have come here to make it as clear as possible to why I am endorsing Hillary Clinton.”

Perhaps for his supporters’ sake, he should issue an even stronger declaration to help clear the air.