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Bernie Sanders and Jordan Klepper Debate if Trump Is Worst or ‘Best of the Worst’ on ‘The Opposition’ (Video)

Sanders says the 2018 midterm election is key to ending one-party rule in Washington D.C. and that Trump is a ”pathological liar“

Former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders traded jabs with fake right-wing conspiracist Jordan Klepper on Thursday’s episode of “The Opposition,” and, shocking no one, Sanders said Donald Trump is the worst American president ever.

The barb came after Klepper noted that the Vermont senator has previously called the upcoming midterm election potentially “the most important election of our life.”

“You can’t just say something over and over again assuming that people are going to believe it. Witch hunt, witch hunt,” Klepper said, referencing Trump’s repeated claims about the Mueller investigation. “Why is this the most important midterm?”

“Because we have the worst president in the history of the United States,” Sanders responded.

“At least admit to him being the best of the worst,” Klepper countered.

Sanders also ran through his greatest hits — the needs of working families, the health care crisis, environmentalism, and opposition to GOP tax cuts.

Klepper then pretended to get heated: “Jesus! What I’m saying is that I’m a happy guy! I got a tax cut. Four percent unemployment. There’s a burger joint in Pyongyang. Why do I want the Republicans out of office?”

Sanders replied that Trump’s agenda is “not what this country is about,” adding that he thinks we’re “moving toward an authoritarian form of government, where you have a president who is a pathological liar–”

“He’s creative,” Klepper interjected, drawing a laugh from the studio audience.

“He is creative in his lies, I do grant you that, but they’re lies nonetheless,” Sanders continued.

There’s plenty more, including Bernie feigning shock at the suggestion he’s not a “young voice,” and plenty of Trump disses. Watch it above.