Bernie Sanders Widens Lead Over Hillary Clinton to Double Digits in New Polls

Vermont senator is up 10 points in Iowa and 22 points in New Hampshire in new CBS/YouGov poll

Bernie Sanders has widened his lead over Hillary Clinton by double digits in Iowa and New Hampshire, according to a new CBS/YouGov survey.

The Vermont senator drew 43 percent compared to Clinton’s 33 percent in Iowa; in New Hamphire, he is at 52 percent, compared to Clinton’s 40 percent. The former Secretary of State leads in South Carolina 46-23.

Sanders’ widening lead continues a downward trend for Clinton, whose numbers have been sliding for weeks as the email controversy from her time as Secretary of State continues to swirl around her.

In an interview with David Muir last week, Clinton apologized for the first time, saying she should have used only a government-issued email account while working for the Obama administration.

The media had seized on the issue, with both liberal and conservative outlets using the email controversy to depict Clinton as untrustworthy. On the other end, Clinton has been criticize for coming off too scripted and inauthentic.

The Democrats square off in their first presidential debate on Oct. 13.