Bernie Sanders Scolds Bill O’Reilly’s Ambush Producer: ‘Don’t Push Me!’ (Video)

“I don’t do ambush interviews,” Vermont senator says to Jesse Watters

Bernie Sanders blew off Bill O’Reilly‘s ambush producer Jesse Watters on Monday to the point where he told the reporter not to get up in his space.

“Don’t push me!” the Vermont senator said as Watters got a little too close for comfort.

“I don’t do ambush interviews,” Sanders said, directing Watters to request an interview through his press secretary.

Watters provided his usual shtick, speaking on behalf of O’Reilly, saying Bill is offended that Sanders used to come on the show but now that he’s surging in the polls, he can’t find time for good ol Bill.

So far, O’Reilly has came up 0-2 in interviewing the top two Democratic candidates as both Sanders and Hillary Clinton have declined to appear on his program. Donald Trump, however, has done so several times.

Watch the video below.