Best Buy Says the iPad is Cannibalizing Sales of Laptops

Retail chain’s CEO sees demand for tablet skyrocket as TV sales fall

Good news for media companies developing iPad applications: according to Brian Dunn, Best Buy’s chief executive, sales of Apple’s tablet at the retail chain have cannibalized sales of laptops by “as much as 50 percent.”

Dunn told the Wall Street Journal that consumer demand for the iPad that demand for mobile devices — including the iPad and smartphones — have skyrocketed while television sales have fallen. And this, despite the rollout of new 3D TVs.

Best Buy plans to showcase the iPad and Kindle e-reader in its stores during the Christmas season, Dunn said.

The surge in iPad buyers is not terribly surprising, though it has exceeded even Apple’s expectations.


Demand for the iPad has prompted several analysts to up their sales forecasts for the device. In July, ABI Research said it expected Apple to ship around 11 million iPads by the end of the year, while iSuppli predicted that 12.9 million iPads would ship this year, a huge jump from its April forecast of 7.1 million units.