The Best Debra Winger/’In Treatment’ Post You’ll Read Today (video)

Sure, other sites have the news about Winger's new role. But do they have these cool videos?

TV's "Wonder Girl," a k a Debra Winger, is returning to the small screen via a regular role on the new season of HBO's "In Treatment."

The network Tuesday confirmed what Deadline's Mike Fleming broke last month, namely that Winger will play one of Gabriel Byrne's patients on the show. It continues a mini-comeback of sorts for Winger, who was a big deal in the early to mid-1980s ("Urban Cowboy," "Officer and a Gentleman"), but then sort of took a break from the whole showbiz-stardom-y thing (see 2002's doc, "Searching for Debra Winger").

Winger resurfaced a couple years ago in the indie fave "Rachel Getting Married." She also did the "Law & Order" thing, appearing in an episode that aired in March.

Perhaps Winger — who'll still remain known to many for her turn as Drusilla in TV"s "Wonder Woman" — should send Dick Wolf some cupcakes.

Meanwhile, here's one big-time Winger/Wonder Girl fan's sorta-creepy, sorta-touching homage to Ms. Winger, followed by an even scarier fake music video imagining how much Lynda Carter missed Winger when she left the show. (Warning: Rick Astley music and broken English subtitles inside).