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Best Thing in ‘Destiny 2: Forsaken’ So Far Is This Alien Dance Party (Video)

Exploring the new sci-fi Wild West-ish expansion of ”Destiny 2“ will lead some to find a dance club for aliens with its own gladiator arena

Occasionally, “Destiny 2” developer Bungie throws something into its giant, solar system-spanning game whose only purpose is to make you smile. In the newly released “Destiny 2” expansion “Forsaken,” that thing is a semi-secret room where a group of aliens are having a dance party, which you then get to break up like a Western saloon bar brawl.

The location is in the new “Destiny 2” area called “The Tangled Shore,” which is itself a bit of a sci-fi-slash-western location — think desert, but made of chunks of floating asteroids. Near one of the little towns of bad guys you can steam through with your six-shooters drawn, there’s a doorway that leads you down into a secret club called The Tank, one of the “Lost Sector” locations in “Destiny 2” that contain treasures and tons of bad guys.

Stop by the window on the way down and you can take a look at a dance floor with aliens of the species known as the Fallen, enjoying some beats thrown down by a four-armed DJ.

The song selection varies, but one of the tracks in the DJ’s rotation is “Hope for the Future,” the song Sir Paul McCartney wrote and performed for the original “Destiny” when it was released in 2014. (Check out its music here, which is full of “Destiny” characters watching holograms of McCartney singing.)

Catch the dance party in the video above.

Once you fight the bouncer and head inside, the patrons will stop what they’re doing and come after you, triggering a song not unlike “Wipe Out” by the Surfaris as you clear the room in a shootout. Finish everybody off and a big bruiser comes out to fight the player, with a banjo-infused “Destiny” theme playing in the background.

The fun doesn’t end in the dance hall, though. Deeper into the building, it becomes clear that there’s something of a local crime boss running this place. You’ll pass through a room full of cages housing evil alien war hounds and other creatures, only to come out into what looks like a gladiator arena, with the boss man and his crew watching a guy fight one of the dogs with a spear. They’ll come after you when you show up, and when you kill the combatants, the boss throws his guys at you before coming down to deal with you himself.

Taking out all the guys nets players a chance to go past the big man’s throne and into his storage room, where a treasure chest awaits. In a game full of huge alien monsters and universe-ending threats, the Tank and its dance party shootout is a great change of pace, and one of the neatest little moments “Destiny 2” has yet produced.