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Stephen Colbert Casts Betsy DeVos in Ms. Frizzle’s Role for ‘The Tragic School Bus’ (Video)

Class trips with Trump’s secretary of education aren’t quite as fun

Stephen Colbert’s Monday cold open placed a pretty rotten apple on the desk of Betsy DeVos, President Trump’s secretary of education who is pushing hard for schools to reopen in September.

DeVos has been making the rounds on cable news (OK, mostly on Fox) saying she’ll pull federal funding for schools that do not open their doors for instruction this fall. “The Late Show” lampooned that last night, animating the cabinet member’s head on the body of Ms. Frizzle, the teacher from beloved kids’ cartoon “The Magic School Bus.”

Yes, the lizard was still perched on the quirky educator’s shoulder, but the “Tragic School Bus” class trip looked like the least fun one ever.

Watch the Colbert sketch via the video above.

Monday’s late-night skit wasn’t the first time DeVos took on Frizzle’s role. In 2017, the secretary of education dressed as the free-spirited cartoon teacher for Halloween.

You can imagine how well that went over on Twitter. Or really, just find out by clicking here.

Here are the lyrics to the “Tragic School Bus” theme song:

She knows where you’re sleepin’
Don’t try hiding in your bed
She’s about to teach us
How pandemics spread

She’s threatening school funding
Which really is barbaric
She cares about your children
Even less than Trump loves Eric

On the Tragic School Bus
Back on the Tragic School Bus
On the Tragic School Bus

She’s forcing children to go back
Cause Trump’s polls are doggy doo
The only letters she’ll be teaching
Are “F” and also “U”
On the Tragic School Bus