Christine Baranski Offers to Play Betsy DeVos on ‘Saturday Night Live’

Look what you’ve started, Rosie O’Donnell

Christine Baranski, Betsy DeVos
Christine Baranski and Betsy DeVos

Christine Baranski is down to pull a Melissa McCarthy (and a hopeful Rosie O’Donnell) — the “Good Wife” star recently volunteered her Betsy DeVos impersonation services to “Saturday Night Live.”

“It would seem somewhat logical — we have that strong jawline, don’t we?” she told Vanity Fair of the Trump Administration’s Secretary of Education. “I can play people with whom I drastically disagree.”

“The [‘SNL’] sketches have been unbelievable all through the election, and the post-election,” Baranski continued. “So yeah, we could have a revolving door of people playing the cabinet members and all.”

McCarthy stole the 90-minute show last weekend in her surprise debut as White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. Since then, social media has been clamoring for O’Donnell to play Trump’s lead advisor, Steve Bannon.

She’s all-in according to her new Twitter profile picture, which depicts O’Donnell in perfect Bannon hair, makeup and wardrobe.

Catch Baranski stars in “Good Wife” spinoff, “The Good Fight,” which debuts on CBS Feb. 19. Immediately after its premiere, the series shifts over to streaming network CBS All Access. “President Trump” himself, Alec Baldwin, hosts “SNL” tomorrow night.