‘Better Call Saul’: Rhea Seehorn Is Terrified of Kim’s Fate, Checks Every Script to See If She Dies (Video)

“At this point I’m not even sure that’s the most tragic end for her,” actress tells Seth Meyers

Rhea Seehorn says the fact that her “Better Call Saul” character Kim Wexler didn’t appear on “Breaking Bad” has her terrified about her eventual fate. So terrified, in fact, that she flips through every script immediately to check if she makes it through the episode intact.

“Patrick Fabian [who plays Howard Hamlin] and I, every time we get the scripts, we flip through them as fast as possible and then we call each other: ‘I’m not dead! You’re not dead!,’” Seehorn told Seth Meyers on his “Late Night” show on Tuesday. “And then we get back to doing the work. But yea, you always have to check.”

Set prior to the events of “Breaking Bad,” “Better Call Saul” focuses on the transformation of Bob Odenkirk’s Jimmy McGill into the criminal lawyer Saul Goodman that advises Bryan Cranston’s Walter White. A popular theory for any “Better Call Saul” character that didn’t first show up in “Breaking Bad” is that they’re living on borrowed time. We already saw that with one character: Michael McKean’s Charles McGill.

As Meyers so aptly put it: “It’s a universe where people die a lot.”

Since Kim is arguably the last character that’s keeping Jimmy from turning fully into the smarmy lawyer we meet in “Breaking Bad,” it would appear that something tragic is going to happen.

“In the end if it’s better to kill Kim, [showrunners Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould] would kill Kim, but at this point I’m not even sure that’s the most tragic end for her,” Seehorn said.

However, Seehorn said she’s been pitching Gilligan and Gould on a future that includes Kim, referencing the black-and-white flash-forwards of Jimmy/Saul’s life after the events of “Breaking Bad,” where he’s essentially in witness protection as a Cinnabon manager named “Gene.”

“We do the Gene-Cinnabon scenes that are black and white, but you just slowly pull back and Kim works next door at Claire’s accessories… with her own comb-over,” she said. “She could be selling ponytail holders.”

Watch the video above.