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Beyonce Fans Mercilessly Drag Mathew Knowles on Twitter After He Announces Birth of Bey’s Twins

”They aren’t here until Beyoncé tells us they’re here,“ one fans says of her father’s revelation

The Beyhive is mercilessly dragging Beyonce’s dad, Mathew Knowles, on Twitter for revealing on Sunday that Queen Bey’s twins were born.

Many believe it should’ve been Beyonce announcing the birth of her children, not her father. And some even go so far as to say they don’t believe it until they hear it from the Queen directly.

“That was for Beyonce to tell not you,” one angry Twitter user wrote.

“They aren’t here until Beyonce tells us they’re here,” wrote another.

Others hit even harder, referencing reports that Beyonce and her father were estranged for quite some time. He served as executive producer on both Destiny’s Child and Beyonce projects. According to Cosmopolitan, Beyonce ordered an audit of her father after Live Nation advised her that he was potentially stealing for her tour. In 2011, she announced she severed all professional ties to Knowles. In a candid interview with Oprah in 2013, Beyonce explained her complicated relationship with her father.

People and Us Weekly reported Saturday that Beyonce gave birth to her twins earlier last week. On Sunday, Mathew Knowles wrote, “They’re here! #beyonce #twins #jayz #happybirthday along with a picture of balloon with the caption, “Happy Birthday to the twins! Love, Granddad.”

Many rushed to the defense of Knowles, throwing the idea out there that maybe — just maybe — he was just being an excited grandfather.

“Maybe he was just an excited grandpa and was just happy about his daughter giving birth? Just asking,” one Twitter user wrote.

“I think it’s wonderful for a grandparent to be proud of his grandkids. His daughter should be happy that he cares,” another said in his defense.

Beyonce’s representatives have yet to confirm the birth of the twins. Beyonce and Jay Z have released no official statement of the news.

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