Beyoncé Spanked by Rowdy Fan During European Concert (Video)

An obnoxious male fan in Copenhagen gives the singer a booty slap heard around the world

Beyoncé got a bootylicious surprise during a Denmark concert on Sunday night when a male fan bravely — and obnoxiously — decided to swat her famed backside.

The intrusive moment occured while Beyoncé was singing her 2006 hit, "Irreplaceable," and allowed the unidentified man to shout a few lyrics into her microphone. The crowd at the Copenhagen arena shrieked in unison when they saw the man's hand make contact with the music superstar's bottom.

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"I will have you ecorted out for that," she scolded. "Alright?"

She appeared to be half-kidding about the remark though, and immediately launched back into song and danced off.

It was all caught on video so take a look: