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Whiteside Sisters Knit, Tap Dance and Pray Their Way to ‘Bible Bowl’ Beatdown (Exclusive Video)

Watch this family crush the competition using the word of the Lord

Team Bristol One is ready to crucify the competition in 2015’s Bible Bowl, which will be presented in part for television via a two-hour TLC special Monday night.

The gaggle of Whiteside sisters may have six first names, but really just consists of three players: StellieMay, 17, EmmaLynne, 15, and BellaJane, 13.

“I just like to get all pumped up and focused to feel like I’m right on the edge, ready to go,” main-buzzer StellieMay said.

To do this, she tap dances and does weird wind sprints in the ballroom — and yes, all while reciting Bible verses. Sister BellaJane then immediately made an ironic comment criticizing sports as a worthy endeavor.

Unfortunately, Bristol draws Team Novesta this round, which as we all know, is a killer squad. Thankfully, StellieMay appears to be on her game and up to the challenge.

According to TLC, the Whitesides spend most of the year on the road competing, which they fund by knitting scarves, purses, and potholders that they sell at farmers markets. Last year they came in second place in the National Championship and have been hard at work studying verses to win this year’s prize.

“Bible Bowl” begins tonight at the family friendly hour of 8 p.m.

Watch the exclusive video above.