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Biden Resumes Attack Ads With a Reminder That Trump Mocked Masks, Then Caught COVID (Video)

”Masks save lives,“ ad correctly says

After a three day pause, the Joe Biden campaign resumed attack ads on Monday with a gentle reminder that Donald Trump contracted COVID-19 and ended up in the hospital after months spent downplaying the illness and mocking people who worry about contracting COVID-19.

“Wear a mask,” Biden said in a tweet. The tweet also included a 3-second video juxtaposing a clip of a sickly looking Trump taking his mask off at the White House with a healthy-looking Joe Biden putting a mask on.

“Masks matter. They save lives,” said text accompanying the clip. Watch it below.

Of course, the clip of Trump was taken from the White House early Monday evening, after he checked himself out of Walter Reed hospital just three days after going in to treat his infection. As many people noted, before walking inside Trump appeared to be having difficulty breathing, and severe lung damage is a well-known ailment associated with COVID-19.

The Biden campaign temporarily suspended attack ads on Friday out of respect for Trump’s condition, a politeness the Trump campaign did not repay in kind. Also, just three days before entering the hospital, Trump mocked Biden for wearing masks during the first — and possibly only — presidential debate.

More than 200,000 Americans have died from COVID-19, by far the largest number of deaths in the world.

It’s unknown how sick Trump actually is — his doctors were caught in multiple lies about his condition over the weekend. But it is known that even nonfatal COVID-19 cases have serious side effects and can require months of recuperation.