Biden Takes the Lead in Pennsylvania and Georgia With Presidency in Reach

Nevada, Arizona and Alaska also remain uncalled

Donald Trump Joe Biden
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Joe Biden took the lead in the vote count in Pennsylvania and Georgia early Friday morning putting the Democrat on the cusp of defeating President Donald Trump in a decisive Electoral College win despite razor-thin margins in multiple battleground states.

The former vice president pulled ahead of Trump in Pennsylvania by about 6,800 votes on Friday morning as mail-in ballot results from left-leaning urban counties continued to trickle in. In Georgia, Biden gained a 917-vote lead over Trump in Georgia in the wee hours of Friday.

At time of publication, Biden still led with 264 electoral votes, just short of the 270 required to win (assuming that Fox News’ and the AP’s decision to call Arizona for Biden stands). And Donald Trump’s electoral college count remained at 213, according to the Associated Press. But five states still remain undecided: Alaska, Georgia, Nevada, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

On Thursday, Biden continued to urge calm and for voters to trust the process in a short statement released early in the afternoon.

By contrast, in a rambling address from the White House a few hours later, Trump attempted to call the election itself into question with false accusations of widespread vote fraud. In response, multiple news outlets simply quit airing the speech and began fact checking it, and even Fox News called Trump’s assertions into question. Read about that here.


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