Everybody’s Got Jokes About Biden’s Giant Inauguration Bible

Biden took the oath of office on a 5-inch-thick family bible

joe biden inauguration
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President Joe Biden took the oath of office Wednesday, becoming the nation’s 46th president at the beginning of an already historic year.

As Biden, a practicing Catholic, was sworn in, viewers couldn’t help but notice the gigantic bible he chose to use to take the oath. It was huge, roughly 5 inches thick, and bound with large metal clasps — definitely bigger than most bibles used by presidential inaugurates. But Biden said his had special meaning.

Biden’s bible was much bigger than the bible Vice President Kamala Harris used — which formerly belonged to civil rights leader Rosa Parks and has the markings of Parks’ family tree.

The bible Biden chose to use was also a family heirloom — and Biden has used it to be “sworn into every elected office in his career of public service,” according to The Washington Post. The tome has been in Biden’s family for 127 years since 1893, and also has inscriptions of each of his swearing-in dates.

Biden’s late son Beau Biden also used it to swear into his office as attorney general of Delaware.

Sentimental value aside, people watching the inaugural proceedings were quick to notice that Biden’s bible was almost comically large. “Joe showed up with the Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship Bible,” one viewer noted on Twitter Wednesday morning. 

“First edition signed by Jesus looking bible,” streamer and political commentator HasanAbi tweeted.

Some people were even inspired to create film spin-offs starring the gigantic book — “National Treasure 3 should be Nicolas Cage stealing Joe Biden’s big bible,” another Twitter user joked.

The size of the bible prompted a handful of people to crack jokes speculating what was inside it — “why does biden’s bible look like it’s hollowed out and filled with wooden stakes, holy water, and silver bullets,” one viewer asked. 

Check out more of the takes — and memes — about Biden’s hefty inauguration bible below.








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