‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Jim Parsons Finds Something to Crow About With Kaley Cuoco in Behind-the-Scenes Pics

Star of CBS sitcom gets candid — and yet still somehow cryptic — with his co-star

Wait; did Jim Parsons compare Kaley Cuoco to a crow?

“The Big Bang Theory” star Parsons took to Instagram on Monday to share some behind-the-scenes photos with his co-star Cuoco, and his thoughts about working with an old crow. Literally, an old crow. And no, not the brand of bourbon whiskey that pairs well with a tight budget.

Perhaps it’s best to let Parsons explain.

“This morning I did a scene with a crow that was older than @normancook – seriously, the crow (named ‘Baby’) was 36 years old and was already flying in movies when i was in undergrad, still dreaming of becoming a professional actor,” Parsons, 45, wrote.

So what does that have to do with Cuoco, exactly?

Again, we’ll leave that to Parsons.

“This afternoon I worked the youngster herself, @normancook , who was ALSO working in film and tv while I was in undergrad,” Parsons continued. “Anyway, we had some downtime on the set and she took these. Thank you, Kaley.”

Very sweet, Mr. Parsons. We think.

The photos themselves depict Parsons and Cuoco in a variety of warm, friendly poses, as the CBS sitcom makes its way through its 12th and final season.

In August, after it was announced that the comedy would end with its 12th run, Cuoco paid an emotional pre-farewell to the series in an Instagram post, saying that, regardless of when the sitcom wrapped up, “my heart would have always been broken in two.”

Cuoco, who included a photo of the cast with her post, added that she and her colleagues “are goin out with a bang.”

And, apparently, a crow.

See Parsons’ post below.