‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Jim Parsons Spoils Kaley Cuoco’s Birthday Surprise With Wicked Instagram Prank (Photos)


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Happy birthday, Kaley Cuoco; your “Big Bang Theory” co-star Jim Parsons has a present for you, in the form of a spoiler.

Parsons, who plays Sheldon on the hit CBS sitcom, got the jump on ruining Cuoco’s birthday surprise on Thursday, the day before Cuoco turns 33.

Parsons let the cat out of the bag via Instagram — more specifically, a photo of a birthday cake bearing Cuoco’s name posted to his Instagram account.

Parsons commented on the photo, “almost time, @kaleycuoco … shhhhh….”

Which, naturally, tipped off Cuoco to the frosting-coated festivities, as evidenced by a subsequent photo posted by Parsons on his Instagram account. The follow-up photo depicted a very unpleased-looking Cuoco, holding up her phone to show the cake photo, with Parsons’ comment.

As if to double-disappoint Cuoco as her big day approached, Parsons captioned the new photo, “oops @kaleycuoco.”

Maybe Cuoco should wish for more considerate friends when she blows out the candles.

See Parsons’ prank unfold below.


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almost time, @kaleycuoco … shhhhh…..

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oops @kaleycuoco

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