‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Johnny Galecki Goes Head-to-Head With Kaley Cuoco in Birthday Tribute to His ‘Gorgeous Fake Wife’ (Photo)

Star of CBS sitcom shares a warm embrace with his onscreen spouse to celebrate her big day

Kaley Cuoco

Johnny Galecki really put the squeeze on Kaley Cuoco for his “Big Bang Theory” co-star’s birthday.

Galecki, who plays Cuoco’s onscreen husband on the CBS sitcom, reached out via Instagram to share an embrace with Cuoco on Friday, as the actress turned 33.

“@kaleycuoco Happy Birthday, my gorgeous fake wife,” Galecki wrote, punctuating the sentiment with a heart symbol.

The message was accompanied by a photo of Galecki with his arm wrapped around Cuoco as the two touched noggins and sang into a microphone, their faces contorted into histrionic expressions worthy of an “American Idol” audition.

It was certainly a more heartwarming birthday tribute than the one Cuoco’s “Big Bang Theory” co-star Jim Parsons paid to the actress on Thursday.

Parsons paid questionable tribute to Cuoco on the eve of her birthday by spoiling a surprise for the actress, tipping her off to the fact that a celebration in her honor was imminent.

Parsons let the cat out of the bag via Instagram by posting a photo of a birthday cake bearing Cuoco’s name.

Parsons commented on the photo, “almost time, @kaleycuoco … shhhhh….”

Which, naturally, tipped off Cuoco to the frosting-coated festivities, as evidenced by a subsequent photo posted by Parsons on his Instagram account. The follow-up photo depicted a very displeased-looking Cuoco, holding up her phone to show the cake photo, with Parsons’ comment.

As if to double-disappoint Cuoco as her big day approached, Parsons captioned the new photo, “oops @kaleycuoco.”

See Galecki’s birthday message to Cuoco below.


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@kaleycuoco Happy Birthday, gorgeous fake wife. ❤️❤️❤️

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