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‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Johnny Galecki Shares a Skin-Pounding Moment With Rick Springfield (Video)

Star of CBS sitcom rocks the drum kit on ”Jessie’s Girl,“ despite a busted hand

Gotta give Johnny Galecki credit — he’s a real trouper. And, apparently, a man of many talents.

“The Big Bang Theory” star Galecki showed off his skills behind the drums early Monday, sharing a pair of videos featuring him jamming on the drums with Rick Springfield and his band on Springfield’s 1981 chestnut “Jessie’s Girl.”

Oh, you’re not impressed that Galecki is not only an immensely successful actor, but also keeps time like a finely maintained watch? Did we happen to mention that Galecki admirably pounded the skins with a broken hand?

“When Rick Springfield’s band asks you to play drums. And you say, ‘Sorry, but I’ve broken my left hand,'” Galecki explained in his caption for the videos.

“And then @rickspringfield says, ‘Well, then just play on one. Play on ‘Jessie’s Girl,’ you suddenly think, ‘Well, I don’t really NEED two hands for the rest of my life anyway,'” Galecki added.

The actor punctuated his comment with the hashtag, “#amputateifneeded.”

Galecki detailed his injury in an Instagram post last month, sharing photos of an X-ray as well as his hand in a cast.

“Not the worst day but could have been better,” the actor wrote at the time. “Thanks to those at Cedar-Sinai [sic] Medical.”

Clearly, Galecki wasn’t going to let a little thing like potential amputation get in the way of a glorious onstage collaboration with Rick Springfield. ‘Cause we’re watching him with our eyes, and he’s loving his big moment, we just know it…

Watch Galecki work the sticks below.