‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Kaley Cuoco Is ‘a Terrible Influence’ in Behind-the-Scenes Look (Photo)

Star of CBS sitcom schools her colleagues on the art of inattentiveness

Kaley Cuoco
Getty Images

One bad apple spoils the bunch, eh, Kaley Cuoco?

“Big Bang Theory” star Cuoco shared an intriguing behind-the-scenes look at the CBS sitcom on Thursday, jokingly detailing her not-particularly-positive effect on the cast.

In an Instagram post, Cuoco — who has chronicled her less-than-ideal attention span on set numerous times in the past — wrote that she’s “being a terrible influence on my co stars.”

“Slowly but surely being a terrible influence on my co stars by teaching them to find the lens instead of listening to our writer who’s trying to give us notes on this scene,” Cuoco wrote.

The accompanying image depicted Cuoco and her “Big Bang Theory” colleagues Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch, staring into a camera, seemingly oblivious to the man before them, attempting to instruct them.

If Cuoco wants to thoroughly corrupt her co-workers, she’d better hurry — the CBS sitcom is quickly drawing to a close with its current 12th and final season.

See Cuoco coach her colleagues on the art of inattentiveness below.