‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Kaley Cuoco Won’t Stop ‘Yapping’ at Johnny Galecki in Behind-the-Scenes Look (Photo)

Star of CBS sitcom continues a 12-year tradition as series prepares to wrap up its run

Kaley Cuoco
Getty Images

Kaley Cuoco is woman — hear her roar, Johnny Galecki.

“Big Bang Theory” star Cuoco shared an intriguing and presumably high-decibel behind-the-scenes look at the CBS sitcom on Tuesday, sharing a photo with her co-star and onscreen spouse Galecki.

In the photo, Cuoco is seen giving Galecki an extreme earful, her mouth open like a snake loosening its jaw to devour its prey, her hand extended palm-forward at the camera as if to say, “Everyone else stay out of this — I have it covered.”

Galecki, meanwhile, doesn’t seem terribly thrilled to be on the receiving end of Cuoco’s outburst, clutching his cup of coffee as if it was a life preserver in a sea of emotional turmoil.

“A little photo shoot #bts with @sanctionedjohnnygalecki,” Cuoco wrote of the image. “I’ve been yapping at this kid for 12 years.”

From the looks of things, Cuoco isn’t done speaking her mind just yet– though she better get it out while she can. With the CBS sitcom preparing to draw to a close with its current 12th and final season, there’s only so much time she has left to get things off her chest and into Galecki’s ear.

See Cuoco’s behind-the-scenes glimpse below.


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A little photo shoot #bts with @sanctionedjohnnygalecki ??-? I’ve been yapping at this kid for 12 years ????

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