‘Big Bang Theory’ Star Kevin Sussman Is Unrecognizable to Some Fans in Behind-the-Scenes Pic (Photo)

Rob Schneider? Nicolas Cage? Star of CBS sitcom gets an identity crisis for his birthday

If you’ve ever been gripped by an identity crisis in the face of yet another birthday, take heart — Kevin Sussman just experienced the same thing.

“The Big Bang Theory” star Sussman turned 47 years old on Tuesday, and to commemorate the occasion, his co-star Jim Parsons posted a sweet message to his own Instagram account.

“Happy birthday @kevsussman,” Parsons wrote, along with a photo of the actor on the “Big Bang Theory” set of Apartment 4C, blowing out the candles on a cluster of sweets.

A heartwarming gesture, to be sure, even though it seemed to confuse, momentarily at least, a number of fans who wondered just who it was celebrating his big day.

A number of fans confessed to mistaking Sussman, who plays Stuart Bloom on the CBS sitcom, with “Saturday Night Live” alum Rob Schneider.

“I’m not gonna lie, I honestly thought that was Rob Schneider,” wrote one commenter.

“Rob Schneider?” another asked.

“Anyone else think this was @iamrobschneider?” yet another comment read.

And then there was the fan who ‘fessed up, “I thought this was Nicolas Cage… Lol.”

Oh, well; it could be worse. Last week, Parsons commemorated the birthday of co-star Kaley Cuoco — by spoiling the surprise that awaited her.

Parsons let the cat out of the bag via Instagram — more specifically, a photo of a birthday cake bearing Cuoco’s name posted to his Instagram account.

Parsons commented on the photo, “almost time, @kaleycuoco … shhhhh….”

Which, naturally, tipped off Cuoco to the frosting-coated festivities, as evidenced by a subsequent photo posted by Parsons on his Instagram account. The follow-up photo depicted a very displeased-looking Cuoco, holding up her phone to show the cake photo, with Parsons’ comment.

As if to double-disappoint Cuoco as her big day approached, Parsons captioned the new photo, “oops @kaleycuoco.”

See Parsons’ birthday message to Sussman — not Schneider or Cage — below.


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