‘Big Bang Theory’ Stars Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco Offer Wedding Finale Sneak Peeks: ‘Tonight, We Do This’ (Photos)

Season closer features Sheldon and Amy tying the knot

Kaley Cuoco
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The current season of “The Big Bang Theory” wraps up Thursday with a finale featuring the wedding of Amy (Mayim Bialik) and Sheldon (Jim Parsons), and as the nerdy union prepared to unfold, cast members of the CBS sitcom took to social media to share advance glimpses of the episode.

Despite preparing to get hitched, Parsons seemed calm, cool and collected as he offered fans a picture of himself in a tux and Bialik in a wedding gown, bouquet in hand.

“Tonight, we do this,” Parsons captioned the image.

Kaley Cuoco, meanwhile, shared her excitement over the episode via a photo of herself, Bialik and castmate Melissa Rauch striking a jubilant pose.

“Tonight is the night! Let’s get married!! @thebigbangtheory__ ??’????? ???? don’t miss our epic season finale!” Cuoco wrote.

As she’s often been known to do, Cuoco also shared a shot of herself goofing around on-set, mischievously posing behind completely unaware guest star Kathy Bates, as Bates — unlike Cuoco — raptly listened to directions.

“When you forget to ask Kathy Bates to take a picture with you so you resort to this,” Cuoco captioned the image.

In addition to Bates, Thursday’s finale will also feature numerous other guest stars including “Star Wars” icon Mark Hamill, magician Teller and Jerry O’Connell, among other special guests.

Tonight, we do this. @bigbangtheory_cbs ??’? ???? ❤

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