‘Big Bro’ Drama: ‘I Will Stab You in the Neck’

The drama continues in the "Big Brother" house.


This season has already seen one player’s expulsion and some of the biggest fights ever in the show’s nine-year history. Things seemed to be quieting down in recent days, but as this clip from the "Big Brother" live feeds demonstrate, tensions are still running high in Studio City.


Quick set up: Jeff and Russell were supposed to be part of a "final four" alliance. But on Tuesday’s episode, good guy Jeff decided to go back on his word. He broke his vow to stay loyal to Russ and put him on the block for possible eviction from the house this Thursday.


This clip shows Jeff and Russell engaging in an amazing display of alpha male smack talk, with both men threatening each other with physical violence. "I will stab you in the f–king neck," Jeff tells Russell at one point. It all sounds scary, but the casual manner in which the fight unfolds– both men are seated and rarely even look each other in the eye– somehow makes it all sound like idle chatter from two musclebound lunkheads trying to out-macho each other.


Judge for yourself (and be warned: this clip’s language makes it very much NSFW):