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‘Big Brother 16’ Finale: Victoria Takes on the Hitmen for Half a Million Dollars

Live finale reveals Team America to the stunned Houseguests and awards its $500,000 prize

(Spoiler warning: Please do not read on if you have not yet watched the season finale of CBS’s “Big Brother.”)

It was the strategist vs. the social butterfly vs. the floater, according to Julie Chen. Say what you will, but Victoria’s relative uselessness in competitions and in the game took her all the way to the Final Three with a genuine chance at sitting in the Final Two.

All she needed to do was win a competition … so really not much chance at all, I guess.

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Victoria crashed and burned first in the endurance competition, and then it took her twice as long as Derrick to complete a timed memory challenge, with an admittedly tough physical component.

In the final challenge, Cody beat Derrick in a tie-breaker, which was a good symbol of how tightly the two have played this game. And staying true to their Day 2 alliance, Cody chose to bring Derrick with him to the final vote, sending Victoria packing.

When it came time for the jury to grill the Final Two, the bulk of the questions were trying to figure out just how involved Cody was in Derrick’s master game. From out here, it didn’t look like he was nearly as “manupalitive” (as Caleb says it) as his fellow Hitman. Turns out it looked pretty much the same to the jurors.

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One of the highlights of the live finale was the reveal of Team America to both the Final Two and the jurors. No one had any idea that Donny, Derrick and Frankie were in a secret alliance, nor that big moments like the rat in the kitchen and the neighborhood watch were orchestrated by those three thanks to America’s suggestion.

Another perk not mentioned in the live finale was that if a member of Team America won the game, they would net an additional $50,000. With a vote of 7-2, Derrick scored that bonus cash, while Donny got a cool $25,000 as America’s favorite Houseguest.

Already renewed for two additional seasons, “Big Brother” returns to CBS next summer.