Guess Who the Last 6 People Were to Find Out the Election Results (Video)

“What the f— happened while we were in here?” one of them asks when told that Donald Trump is going to be president

Do you wish you were in a bubble shut off from the world this week?

Well, the final six “Big Brother: Over The Top” contestants have been since September, which meant they had no clue that Donald Trump had won the presidential election.

And that news came as a crushing blow when delivered by Julie Chen live on Thursday’s episode.

“It’s pretty safe to say you are the only six people in the country, maybe the entire world, who do not know who won,” the CBS reality show host said. “The next president of the United States will be … Donald Trump.”

It’s also safe to say that the news came as a shock — and not in a good way.

A collective groan goes out, with cries of “Julie, you’re joking … no way.”

“What the f— happened while we were in here?” Shelby Stockton asked.

“Something huge had to have happened,” Morgan Willett speculated.

“Gay people, where were you? Minorities, where were you?” Jason Roy pleaded. “We’ve got problems. Can we just stay in here for the next four years?”

“It’s gonna be s— when we get out of here,” Justin Duncan said.

According The Guardian, this was the first season of “Big Brother” to air during an election and the contestants were warned that they would be inside for it before signing on.

See video of their horror above and below.