‘Big Brother': More Racial Tension Erupts Among Houseguests (Video)

Candice Stewart faces off with GinaMarie and Aaryn — and it's not to sing "Ebony and Ivory"

Last Updated: July 24, 2014 @ 12:00 PM

The racial tension that's plagued the current season of CBS reality show "Big Brother" ratcheted up to new heights on Thursday, after houseguests Aaryn Gries and GinaMarie Zimmerman taunted African-American contestant Candice Stewart to a state of emotional distress.

The racially charged donnybrook kicked off after Stewart complained that someone had flipped over her mattress and threw her pillows on the floor as a prank.

"I know somebody got one more time to flip my bed one more time and it's going to be all hell in this house," Stewart said.

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This prompted Gries — who was fired from her modeling agency after making a number of racially insensitive statements on the "Big Brother" live feed — to launch into a finger-snapping, neck-rolling taunt that had all the subtlety of a minstrel show.

"Whatcha gonna do, girl?" Gries razzed. "I want to see it raaaght now!"

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As Stewart vowed to keep her calm, Gries taunted on, "Whatchu gonna do, class girl? Where's yo' class?"

Zimmerman, who was also dismissed from her day gig at East Coast USA Pageant after she was accused of using the N-word while taping "Big Brother," cranked thing up even more, getting inches from Stewart's face and taunting, "Whatcha gonna say? Whatcha gonna say?  … You want the black to come out?"

Eventually, black houseguest Howard physically carried Candice out of the house in order to defuse the situation.

Watch the confrontation below: