‘Big Brother’ Vets’ Cool New Idea: Psychic Court! (video)

Check out a scene from Saturday’s new TLC special “Paramormal Court.” Be afraid, Judge Judy

The producers of "Big Brother" have found a new kind of TV judge, one who claims a skill not even Judge Judy can match: He can talk to the dead.

He’s psychic medium Robert Hanson, and he’s at the center of a new TLC special premiering Saturday dubbed "Paranormal Court." The show’s awesome motto: There may not be a will, but there’s still a way.

The special revolves around folks seeking resolution to unresolved conflicts involving folks who’ve passed on. There’s the mom and daughter at war over their loved one’s gold cross, the siblings fighting over their dead brother’s car and a mom whose marriage is near the breaking point because she can’t get over the loss of her daughter.

"’Paranormal Court’ is about helping families in their time of need," says Nancy Daniels, the former CBS executive who now serves as senior VP of talent and development. "Robert Hansen… connects with families and their lost loved ones to resolve issues surrounding death — and most importantly to give them closure.”

The special is from "Big Brother" vets Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan’s Fly on the Wall Entertainment (just three month to go ’til "Bro," people!) We’re hoping that means Kaysar Ridha from "Big Brother 6" will serve as bailiff — though, sadly, we didn’t see a cheesy fake courtroom set in the clip below.

Hopefully, TLC will see fit to greenlight this concept to series. If not, TV MoJoe just had a psychic vision about an HOH competition involving a psychic…..