‘Big Brother’ Season 13 Predictions: Expect the Expected!

Season 13 promises “Double Trouble” — a mix of old and new faces

"Big Brother" is back and this time with more diversity! 

After last season’s lackluster cast declared the "Big Brother" house a drama-free zone, the powers that be have decided to mix it up a little and add some former house guests in with the fresh faces.

The “dynamic duos” rumored to return may provoke the ire of devoted fans, but are sure to entice the casual viewer.

“Double Trouble” was a last-minute twist, as many of the "Big Brother" “twists” are. Expect a season of making it up as they go along — as if that’s any different from the last few seasons.

Those that may have answered the 11th-hour phone calls are listed on the CBS website as possibilities, but let’s have fun with the houseguests staggeringly expected to return, shall we?

Most likely to still hand over his game to the better half of their dynamic duo:

Brendon. — He’s a knight. Enough said.

Most likely to have the game manipulated in their favor:

Undecided. — This one is a toss-up as Evel Dick and Jeff will go head to head.

Most likely to wreak havoc in the house:

Evel Dick and Rachel. — Rachel is to Evel Dick as Jen Johnson was to Evel Dick. Prey.

Most likely to have showmance annihilated by newcomers:

Jeff and Jordan. — Have you seen Cassi?! Wowzas! Can’t wait ‘til Jeff sees Cassi. She has his type written all over her come-hither face. Collateral Damage: The cat lady contingent of rabid 'Big Brother' fans.

Most likely to return at some point in the season, no matter what:


Most likely to throw their mic into the hot tub:

No one else has the balls.

Did network not trust that a completely new cast could deliver? Were the eight they released today indicative of the shallow end of the pool they had to choose from?

We’ll never know … well some of us might!

Nevertheless, here they are in no particular order. And if these newbies have been paying attention, they will know to cozy up to America’s favorites while trying to become those themselves.

The “I wanna be loved so I won’t stir up any trouble” bit makes houseguests so much fun! Look how well that worked last season!

Shelly Moore, 41, outdoors industry executive, Prairieville, LA

Dominic Briones, 25, college student, San Mateo, CA

Kalia Booker, 30, writer, Los Angeles, CA

Cassi Colvin, 26, model, Nashville, TN

Porche Briggs, 23, VIP cocktail waitress, Miami, FL

Keith Henderson, 32, human resources manager, Bolingbrook, IL

Lawon Exum, 39, legal file clerk, Inglewood, CA

Adam Poch, 39, music inventory manager, Hoboken, NJ