Big Tech Myths And Facts: Vision Pro, Google Culture, Digital Ad Market Edition

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Sorting real from rumor as Big Tech jumps to all-time highs, bets on experimental tech, and keeps cutting costs.

AI-generated image by Midjourney/Big Technology

It’s a weird time for Big Tech. Technology companies are setting revenue and profitability records yet conducting deep rounds of layoffs as they try to figure out computing’s next act. AI and mixed reality have plenty of promise, but they’re expensive to develop and no sure thing. Flagship businesses, meanwhile, don’t stop their ebbs and flows just because something cool is on the horizon. The result is flux: a mix of high hopes, euphoria, and confusion.

This week, Alphabet, Amazon, Meta, Microsoft, and Apple all reported earnings, and we got a glimpse into what’s real and what’s not as we looked at their numbers.


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