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The Biggest Loser Was on 'Big Brother'

Natalie’s “strategic” lies prove too much for the members of the jury.


Friends and family have been raving about “The Biggest Loser” for years (even the skinny ones!) but I’ve never watched it until now. I decided to give it a chance for several reasons, one being that fat is so hot right now. And -- bonus! Sami from “Days of Our Lives” is the host!
Oh, and also because I write a reality column for TheWrap. (You should totally check it out.)
Quite frankly, I always avoided this show because I felt I got enough inspirational weight-loss quotes at my Friday morning Weight Watchers meeting. But I’ve learned that adages like “nothing tastes as good as being thin feels” are not nearly as inspirational as Jillian yelling at you to “get back on the f---ing ladder.”
The buzz is well-deserved; this show is truly moving. I was crying five minutes in (and simultaneously hoping that said loss of fluid would lead to weight loss). Whether you have body issues or not, chances are that there’s been a time in your life when you wanted to give up. These contestants have the courage to go on national television - shirtless and in sports bras, no less -- and literally expose themselves physically and emotionally.
“The Biggest Loser” is everything that “More to Love” was not. Sorry to offend, but those girls could dress up in the nicest plus-size cocktail dresses around and they still wouldn’t be as beautiful as the sweaty “Loser” contestants. (OK, well maybe Tali or Anna would be as beautiful.)
It’s about what’s on the inside, something that “More to Love” really missed the mark on with its emotionally stunted girls. Those ladies whined about how they were mistreated and overlooked because of their weight, yet not one of them decided to take charge and change the aspect of her life that was causing her so much pain.
“The Biggest Loser,” much like “Ruby” on the Style network, shows us that if someone who weighs over 400 pounds is willing to go to the gym and change her life, well, then we can probably change some things in our lives, too.
For those who loved to hate “More to Love,” this show should give them a new attitude about fat -- a “fattitude,” if you will. I mean, it has already got me rethinking my exercise regimen of bag-to-mouth tortilla chip arm curls.
Ironically, although “The Biggest Loser” was the biggest premiere last night, the actual biggest losers were on other networks.
On “Big Brother,” Jordan won the final Head of Household and chose to evict Kevin. This left her up against Natalie, who supposedly had the most friends in the jury house.
Well, tell that to the jury house!
That’s right, AND SPOILER HERE!, “dumb blonde” Jordan won “Big Brother 11,” making Natalie the “Biggest Big Brother Loser,” $50,000 consolation prize aside. In a game that is supposedly based on strategy, Natalie’s “strategic” lies proved too much for the members of the jury. They (and America, as the “7th Juror”) chose the much more affable Jordan to take home the $500,000.
Jordan’s “showmantic” interest Jeff won the title of America’s Favorite Player, thus earning him $25,000. Wow. Their combined $525,000 should really come in handy on their trip to Hawaii! 
In an episode that provided the most dramatic and shocking ring ceremony ever (!), the biggest loser of the night was was actually the gorgeous and well-spoken Tali, who ended up with that douche, Luke, on the finale of “More to Love.”
While Anna’s modeling career got her booted off the show, Luke didn’t seem to mind Tali’s Lane Bryant aspirations. In fact, he didn’t even seem to mind the fact that she’s Jewish (like, from Israel). But his Bible-beating dad sure did!
Regardless, mazel tov, honey. Good luck with that bore.