Bill Burr Wishes Caitlyn Jenner Would Have Given America ‘Chance to Say Goodbye’ to Bruce (Video)

The comedian complains any shocked reaction to Jenner’s transition was considered “homophobic”

Bill Burr misses Bruce Jenner, but “not in a bad way,” he stressed while cracking jokes about Caitlyn Jenner’s transition.

“I’m not being a jerk… I’m just saying. I miss that guy,” the comedian said of the “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” dad while appearing on “Conan” Thursday. “I miss him already. He should have told us. He should have given us a chance to say goodbye.”

“I watched him on the Olympics, I watched him on Chips, I watched him on that horrible show my wife watches where he just walks around in the background,” Burr continued. “Nobody listened to him. It was so sad.”

Burr complained that the former Olympian’s transition came so suddenly, and how it was frowned upon to act legitimately surprised by the revelation.

“You couldn’t react. You couldn’t on any level be like, ‘Oh my God. What the eff?’ on any level, otherwise you’re homophobic,” Burr joked. “God bless him. God bless her. I’m sorry. They really freak out about the pronouns, too.”

Currently, Jenner might face a manslaughter charge in relation to a Malibu car accident that left one person dead earlier this year.

Watch the video above.