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Bill Clinton: ‘The American Dream Has Been Under Assault for 30 Years’ (Video)

The former president sounds off America's unusual disdain for government

Being a former president in the internet age means you don't necessarily need a TV network to interview you in order to get some talking points out there. 

Case in point is former President Bill Clinton, who sounded off about the current sorry state of the American economy in a video produced by Yahoo. That video was then posted as an exclusive on the Yahoo homepage, giving his message reach well beyond what a typical network news interview might offer.

Some of Clinton's talking points:

>> Clinton said "the American Dream has been under assault for the last 30 – 35 years." Leading the charge, he noted, has been the changing priorities of multinational corporations, which have enhanced the influence of their shareholders while downplaying the role of their employees and the general public.

>> Among leading industrialized nations, America is alone in its fixation on "choking off" the federal government.

>> The United States is only about half as energy-efficient as some of its global competitors — millions of jobs could be created by kick-starting some serious retro-fitting.

Here's the video: