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Bill Clinton: Hillary and I Are Having Fun Being Normal (Video)

The former president and first lady may swap future roles in a few years, but Bill tells David Letterman that decision has not been made — nor should it

Bill Clinton and David Letterman played an unofficial game of “Will she, won’t she?” on Monday’s “Late Show” with regards to Hillary Clinton’s highly-speculated future political plans.

Letterman welcomed his guest by offering a fair price on office space in the CBS building, should Bill know of anyone who might need a campaign headquarters in 2016. The wink-wink, nudge-nudge was more than implied.

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Bill Clinton expertly deflected the question while maintaining that he honestly doesn’t know Hillary’s presidential candidacy future, because neither does his wife, who is busy finishing a book, doing charity work and — occasionally — behaving like a regular human being.

“We’re having a lot of fun, we go to movies and restaurants, take walks — being a normal person,” Clinton said. “At our age, that counts for something — being able to have a little fun.”

Watch the video: