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Bill Clinton, Kevin Spacey Steal Sean Penn’s Lunch (Video)

The former President spoofs his own foundation with a series of Hollywood stars

Hollywood traipsed down the red carpet for Bill Clinton’s 65th birthday over the weekend, and he repaid it with an instant Funny or Die classic.

Clinton appears in a video featuring an army of A-list celebs, including Ben Stiller, Matt Damon, Sean Penn, Kristen Wiig, Ted Danson, Mary Steenburgen, Jack Black and Kevin Spacey, to riff off Hollywood’s obsession with philanthropy.

You know, because nothing is funnier than world hunger.

In this case, the celebs have convened to come up with a plan for the Clinton Foundation — only none of them has any good ideas.

Stiller, in a role that one might think would belong to ringleaders like Penn, Bono or George Clooney, leads the meeting, where Wiig suggests a moratorium on breathing. At least that might lower health care costs.

Damon is hellbent on fielding a softball team to boost morale, the “Clinton Clobberers.” He fails to convince anyone, leading one to ponder, where are the Jason Bourne-intimidation tactics?

Finally there is Penn, who is livid that someone keeps stealing his lunch, forgetting all about his obsession with downtrodden countries.

Fortunately for these celebs, Clinton comes on speakerphone to declare that he loves the ideas…only the disembodied voice doesn’t belong to Clinton. It’s Kevin Spacey, locking his dramatic rivals in a conference room for hours on end.

Victory is his at last.

Needless to say, Clinton is not happy when he finds out, but at least they bond over one thing – Penn’s lunch.

Here’s the video, which currently enjoys “Chosen One” status: