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Bill Cosby Calls Prison an ‘Amazing Experience,’ Spokesperson Says

”He’s down to 195 pounds. He hasn’t eaten any bread, no dessert, and he hasn’t drank any coffee,“ Cosby’s only visitor, Andrew Wyatt, says

Bill Cosby’s spokesperson Andrew Wyatt said in a new TV interview Tuesday that the convicted comedian has lost weight and called his stay thus far in prison an “amazing experience.”

“He says, despite the circumstances, this is an amazing experience,” Wyatt told NBC10 in Philadelphia. Pressed if Cosby really used the term “amazing experience:” “He used the term amazing experience.”

Wyatt says Cosby enjoys speaking with other inmates and encouraging them. And though he does not have a cellmate, he’s assigned various inmates to help him get around due to his age.

Wyatt described Cosby’s prison routine and even his exercise regimen, saying the comedian wakes up at 3:30 a.m. every morning to exercise, including doing leg lifts and push-ups against the bed, and is diligently watching what he’s eating. Wyatt even went into detail, saying Cosby puts his food in a small cup and rinses it three times to thoroughly remove any added sodium.

“He looks really amazing,” Wyatt said. “He’s down to 195 pounds. He hasn’t eaten any bread, no dessert, and he hasn’t drank any coffee. And the funny thing is Mrs. Cosby has been trying to get him to stop drinking coffee for 55 years, and it took this to get him to stop drinking coffee.”

Wyatt is currently Cosby’s only visitor outside of his attorneys.Wife Camille Cosby has not visited him in prison yet, nor does Cosby want her to. Instead, they speak over the phone for his allowed time.

Cosby was sentenced in September to three-to-10 years in a state correctional institution, after being found guilty on three counts of aggravated indecent assault in April, which stemmed from the accusation of former Temple University employee Andrea Constand, who said that the comedian drugged and molested her at his Pennsylvania home in 2004.

Cosby’s attorneys are asking for his convictions to be overturned and his prison sentence voided, citing what they say are errors made in the case and that the assigned prison sentence was extreme.

Wyatt was last seen with Cosby on the day of the comedian’s sentencing, and he described what Cosby said to him and his team on that day.

“He’s mentally strong, he’s just a strong man,” Wyatt said. “Mr. Cosby had prepared himself. He had prepared all of us, probably three or four months before our sentencing. He said look, ‘This guy has a vendetta against me, and he’s going to throw the book at me. So I’m ready, I’m prepared, I’m ready to go in. Don’t worry about me.'”

NBC10 Philadelphia will air a second part to their interview with Wyatt from a trip to the prison on Wednesday night.

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