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Bill Cosby Gets Heckled: ‘You Are a Rapist!’ (Video)

A man shouted the accusation at the 77-year-old comedian during a live performance in Canada on Thursday

Many people have no doubt been wondering how Bill Cosby would respond to a heckler hurling rape allegations at him during one of his live stand-up shows, and now they can see the 77-year-old retaliate — by remaining completely calm.

“You are a rapist!” a male audience member shouted out during Cosby’s show in Ontario, Canada on Thursday.

A video shot from inside the theater by another audience member reveals Cosby responded only by calmly encouraging his fans to “be quiet” and have “patience” for the outburst.

“That’s right. No clapping, nothing,” Cosby said as he shushed fans angered by the heckler. “That’s alright. We just have patience.”

The audience did clap, however, when Cosby proceeded to ignore the accusation and continued on with a story about his wife.

As TheWrap previously reported, the heckler was escorted from the theater by a police officer. But that wasn’t the only time the controversy surrounding Cosby was referenced.

The comedian, himself, made a joke about the dozens of sexual assault and sexual misconduct accusations that have been hurled at him in recent months when a woman stood up near the stage and started making her way past the comedian.

When she explained she was going to the lobby to get a drink, Cosby joked, “You have to be careful about drinking around me.”

Watch the video.