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Bill Cosby to Jon Stewart: Stop Swearing (Video)

Clean up your act, the man better known as Dr. Huxtable says on ”The Daily Show“

Bill Cosby wants to wash Jon Stewart‘s mouth out with soap.

Appearing on Tuesday’s edition of  “The Daily Show” to promote his first stand-up special in three decades, “Far From Finished,” Cosby was in classic ornery grandpa mode as he bemoaned comedy’s blue streak.

“From whenst I cometh, when people cursed the next thing is somebody was going to hit you,” the 76-year old comic legend said. “See now there’s a whole new culture. People curse and they laugh. But for me, when you were cursing, I start crying.”

“It wasn’t cursing, it was Yiddish,” Stewart joked.

“The Daily Show” host seemed genuinely shocked that Cosby would wilt around four-letter words, given that he came of age when comedy was getting edgier.

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“Back in the day, you’re working Bleeker Street with Richard Pryor, surely he used Yiddish on stage,” Stewart asked.

“See in those days, policemen could hover,” Cosby said. “You could not use profanity.”

Cosby said it was awkward appearing after Stewart at a recent charity function for veterans, because he did his set clean. “The Daily Show” host indicated that if Cosby was wary of taking the mike, he didn’t show it, noting that the two men had hugged on stage.

“It was a Jewish hug,” Cosby said.

“No pork,” Stewart joked.

Watch the video: