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Bill Cosby Juror: Fame and ‘Lack of Evidence’ Had Effect on Trial (Video)

”I think if it was a regular Average Joe, it probably wouldn’t have taken that long,“ Bobby Dugan tells ”Good Morning America“

The recent trial regarding Bill Cosby sexual assault allegations ended in a mistrial. Now one of the jurors is speaking out, describing the scene and explaining why the group couldn’t come to a unanimous decision.

Bobby Dugan, 21, appeared on ABC News’ “Good Morning America” Monday morning to discuss the trial. He described the 52 hours of deliberation as “two weeks of agony.”

“I’ve had regret, I guess, when we came to the final deadlocked decision and it kind of has been eating in my mind, that this all could be said and done,” he told ABC’s Linsey Davis.

Dugan said the trial was emotional for the jurors. He said at one point during deliberations, four jurors were crying and other was pacing around outside the room visibly upset. Everybody eventually became “stir crazy” spending so much time in the small room.

While Dugan said he believed Cosby was guilty, some didn’t. That, along with the size of the room, the celebrity of the defendant, and what he said was a lack of evidence, led to the mistrial.

“We all said it a million times” during deliberation, said Dugan. “Other evidence, more substantial evidence.”

“And what it really comes down to who you gonna believe more. That’s all it was,” Dugan continued, implying that Cosby’s fame played into the discussions. “I think if it was a regular Average Joe, it probably wouldn’t have taken that long.”

Cosby was being tried on three counts of aggravated sexual assault stemming from a 2014 encounter with former Temple University employee Andrea Constand. Montgomery County District Attorney Kevin Steele said he intends to retry the 79-year-old comedian.

Dugan agrees.

“You should always have a verdict one way or another,” he said.

More than 60 women have come forward to accuse of Cosby of sexual assault since 2014. This is the first time he’s faced criminal charges in response to those claims, since the statute of limitations on many of those cases has expired.

He remains free on bail until the next trial is scheduled.

Watch the full interview above.