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Bill Cosby Lawyer’s Donation to DA Questioned in Court Docs

Attorney for comedian admits he donated to campaign for man who declined to press charges against ”Cosby Show“ star in the past

An attorney for scandal-plagued comedian Bill Cosby is being called into question over a donation he made to the district attorney who declined to pursue charges against Cosby more than a decade ago, according to court documents obtained by TheWrap.

Attorneys for Cosby accuser Andrea Constand, who’s suing former Montgomery County, Pennsylvania attorney Bruce Castor for defamation, have filed a subpoena seeking, in part, any information regarding political donations that Cosby’s defense attorney Brian McMonagle made to Castor.

McMonagle’s legal team has filed a motion to quash the subpoena, calling it “grossly overbroad” and claiming that it “is not a legitimate effort to gather discovery relevant to this matter, but rather is a blatant attempt to disrupt Mr. Cosby’s criminal defense and harass his attorney.”

In a declaration filed in support of the motion, McMonagle acknowledges contributing to Castor’s failed reelection campaign, but that it was before he was retained by Cosby in the comedian’s criminal case.

“In early 2015, in my capacity as a private citizen, and prior to my representation of Mr. Cosby, I donated $2.5000 to Mr. Castor’s campaign for district attorney as part of a fundraiser that I, along with a number of local lawyers, helped to organize,” the declaration reads. “I have not made any donation of time or money to Mr. Castor’s campaign after being engaged by Mr. Cosby in September 2015, nor have I participated in or coordinated any such donations on anyone else’s behalf.”

Castor declined to prosecute Cosby more than 10 years ago after former Temple University employee Constand accused the comedian sexually assaulted her in 2004. Constand subsequently sued Cosby, with the pair later settling the suit.

Cosby has been criminally charged in relation to Constand’s allegations by Castor’s successor, Kevin Steele.

Cosby has been accused of rape or sexual assault by dozens of women, many of whom claim that the comedian drugged them beforehand.

Cosby, who has been served multiple lawsuits by his accusers, has denied the accusations and in some cases filed his own suits against his accusers.

Pamela Chelin contributed to this report.