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Cosby Mistrial Prompts Outcry: ‘We Can Never Underestimate the Blinding Power of Celebrity’

The comedian’s sexual assault trial ended in a hung jury on Saturday

Reaction to the sexual assault trial of Bill Cosby ending in a mistrial came fast and furious on Saturday, as figures connected to the case as well as observers weighed in on the inconclusive result of the two-week criminal proceedings.

“We can never overestimate the blinding power of celebrity,” attorney Gloria Allred said in a statement outside the courthouse in Norristown, Penn., where Cosby was being tried. “But justice will come.”

Allred represents several Cosby accusers who are pursuing civil cases against the 79-year-old star on similar charges of sexual assault.

Allred’s daughter, attorney Lisa Bloom, also chimed in:

“Bill Cosby has already been exposed as a predator who hid behind his jovial mask for more than 50 years and no jury verdict will ever change that,” Cindra Ladd, one one of the more than 60 women who have accused Cosby of sexual assault, said in her own statement.

“Those of us who came forward to speak our collective truth about what he did to us owe a debt of gratitude to Andrea Constand for her leadership and courage in demanding justice,” she added, referring to the former Temple University employee whose testimony about a 2004 sexual encounter with Cosby was the basis for the criminal trial. “Despite the disappointing outcome of this case, I take comfort knowing that Bill Cosby’s life is now, and forever will be, a living hell.”

Another Cosby accuser,Jewel Allison, also spoke out on Saturday:

And while Cosby was a beloved figure in Hollywood for decades, many in the entertainment and media communities — including Lena Dunham, George Takei and Kumail Nanjiani — expressed disappointment in the mistrial, showing support to his dozens of accusers.

However, Cosby’s corner wasn’t barren of supporters, some of whom shared the statement released by the comedian’s wife, Camille Cosby: