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Bill Cosby Tweeted a Birthday Plea for Kindness — Guess How That Went Over

”Is knocking somebody out and raping them considered nice?“ one commenter asks in response to comedian’s message

Happy birthday, Bill Cosby! Twitter got some trolls for you.

Scandal-plagued comedian Cosby — who’s been accused of drugging and sexually assaulting numerous women, and recently stood trial for the alleged assault of former Temple University employee Andrea Constand — turned 80 years old on Wednesday, and marked the milestone on Twitter.

Rather than ask for yet another sweater or some other material gift, Cosby made a plea of kindness to his fans to help celebrate his big day.

“Help me celebrate the Big 8-0 by doing something kind for someone else today!” Cosby wrote. “Thank you all!”

Which, under any other circumstances, would come across as a lovely sentiment worthy of praise. But Cosby’s reputation, coupled with social media being social media, resulted in a snark-fest in the comments section of Cosby’s tweet.

“Is knocking somebody out and raping them considered nice?” asked one curious responder.

“Wow it’s your birthday? Let me give my boss this drink so I can go home and celebrate,” went another response, in reference to Cosby’s alleged penchant for drugging women’s drinks before having his way with them.

“I will! I’ll avoid drugging and raping dozens of women…DAWWWWW!” a similar response read.

“We should have a drink. Oh wait. Uh. Promise not to make it weird?” yet another voice from the peanut gallery called out.

“Is that what you were doing when you drugged those women and raped them?” asked yet another responder.

“80 years or allegations?” another commenter wisecracked.

And then, in the “brevity is the soul of wit” department, there was a response reading, “Ok rapist.”

Cosby’s criminal trial in the Constand trial ended in a mistrial last month, after jurors were unable to arrive at a verdict. A retrial has been set for November.

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